Monday, February 14, 2011

A Motley Music Monday for Valentine's Day

When you hear the words "love song," you don't normally think of the band Motley Crue. After hearing today's featured Music Monday song, "Without You," for the first time, it was hard for me to believe that Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, and Mick Mars had actually written and recorded it. "Without You" was released on the band's 1989 Dr. Feelgood album which went to number one. The band also won an American Music Award in 1991 for Favorite Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Album for Dr. Feelgood. It is the only such award of their career.

In the interest of "full disclosure," I must admit that I'm a "Crue Head," a Motley Crue fan from way back. I was never one to engage in the hard-living and wild lifestyle the band is famous for. However, I thoroughly enjoyed their music. In my opinion, Lee, Mars, and Sixx were three of the most talented musicians in rock music in the '80s. Plus, their shows were always a blast with pyrotechnics and Tommy Lee's suspended, rotating drum kits. Furthermore, if you do not like Motley Crue, I want to encourage you to watch this video anyway. If you've never heard of the song before, it will not be what you would expect from these guys. It's a rock / metal ballad that happens to be a love song. I would argue that it's one of the best ballads and love songs of all time. So, give it a listen.

All that being said, today's song has special meaning for me. Shortly after meeting my wife, "Without You" became our song. It still is and always will be. When heart disease had taken it's toll, and I was near the end of the road in 2006, my wife gave me the encouragement to keep going and follow through with the heart transplant. If she hadn't, I wouldn't be here today. Without her, I wouldn't be alive. This Music Monday video is for her. Happy Valentine's Day. Now, crank up the music !!

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