Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Girl giving back after mom receives new lungs

Kiersten Cash, a 16-year old high school junior, is thrilled her mom, Lori, is still around. In fact, she's so happy that when she's not competing in dance competitions she's working overtime to save others. Lori Cash had a double-lung transplant over a year ago. She first experienced difficulty breathing, then was placed on a ventilator, and eventually became wheelchair bound before her transplant. reports in Her Mother Saved, Winter Haven Student Now Promotes Organ Donation that Kiersten has been speaking to various groups about the importance of organ donation and recently organized a fundraiser to benefit a lung transplant organization. Kiersten is not much different from most organ recipients and their family members. After having your life spared or seeing a love ones life spared due to an organ transplant, it's just natural to want to give back by helping others in similar circumstances get a second chance, too. In fact, Kiersten is already planning for college and how she can spread the word about organ donation when she gets there. She's a real trooper. We need more like her.
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