Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lane Kiffin = Liar

Lane Kiffin at the VOL Walk
Lane Kiffin at the VOL Walk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
New reports out show that Lane Kiffin never intended to stay at the University of Tennessee very long. When Kiffin first signed on as head football coach, numerous statements made by him, including repeated verbal shots at Urban Meyer and the University of Florida, led myself and others to believe he was dedicated to turning UT into a champion and being there for the long haul. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

According to a report on he never registered to vote in Tennessee. Another report on says he never transferred his driver's license from California to Tennessee. This tells me he never intended to hang around no matter what he was implying. Furthermore, Tennessee law requires you to change your license within 30 days of moving. The report also says that Kiffin was involved in a traffic accident in August that resulted in damage to a rental car he was driving. It also appears that Kiffin originally left the scene. So, did Knoxville Police never do an accident report ?? If so, shouldn't they have noticed he had not changed his license ?? If not, why not ?? Maybe they just chose not to do their job because he was UT's head coach. Better yet - shouldn't Kiffin's insurance company have noticed the problem since they paid out on the claim ??

The more that comes out about the Kiffin boon-doggle, the more UT's administration looks like a bunch of morons. Since "Kiffin the liar" is gone, now it's time to clean house further up the food chain. I say .... fire Mike Hamilton, the athletic director, and do it now. He's the head idiot that brought Kiffin in there in the first place. And before anyone says "lighten up," let me remind you that I am a UT alum and often say my blood runs orange. I think I've got a right to speak my mind on this issue.
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