Monday, February 22, 2010

The beginning of my 4th overtime

I love sports - football, basketball, hockey, bowling, racing, hunting, and fishing. Overtime in football and hockey are always exciting, and now even NASCAR has overtime (the green / white / checker finishes). Today .... I feel like I'm beginning my fourth overtime. Yesterday (February 21st) was the third anniversary of my heart transplant which I celebrated with family and friend (please enjoy the pics above). Today, I begin year number four. To me, after nearly being out of time in 2006, it's like God's allowing me to play overtime everyday. I'm soooo thankful for the three extra years and counting I've had to enjoy life. I haven't wasted it and I don't plan to.

I've been able to get back into the outdoors. I've hunted, fished, and went on short hikes with my wife. Since the transplant, I've been blessed to bag 8 deer, including my first 2 ever with archery equipment, and my first turkey. I've been to football games, concerts, NASCAR races at Darlington and Talladega, watched my nephews play soccer, and toured Yellowstone National Park with my wife. I've competed in bowling at the 2008 U.S. Transplant Games where my teammate, Jim, and I missed medaling in mens doubles by about a dozen pins. We'll get another shot at this years games. This time .... the outcome WILL be different.

Today, there are over 105,000 Americans on the waiting list hoping for the same second chance I received. As I continue on this journey of advocate for organ donation, I will tell mine and Kent's story with the goal of one day reducing the current number of Americans dying each day waiting on a transplant from 19 to 0. It is a lofty but reachable goal and one that I think Kent would want achieved. All that has to happen is for Americans everywhere to decide to be organ and tissue donors. You can learn more about how to do so by visiting the Donate Life America website by clicking here. I think each of those 100,000+ currently waiting deserve a chance to play overtime, too. You have the power to help them make it happen. Can they count on you ??
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My2ndHeartBeat said...

Hey Second Chance,

Congratulations on your 3rd Tx anniversary.

I find my anniversaries more important than my actual birthday. But even more important to me is talking to people and SHOWING them, the walking / talking benefits of organ transplants.

Every day is an extra day of life. I'm only a few months behind you, my 3rd is on May 11th.

Be well, my friend.

God Bless!