Monday, November 2, 2009

McMurray Wins Amp Energy 500

I returned from a weekend at Talladega late last night. After making a prediction on Friday as to how the Amp Energy 500 would turn out, I learned why I am not a gambler - I wouldn't be any good at it.

On Friday I predicted 5 things about the 500 :
  1. Jimmie Johnson would lay back the first half of the race and play it safe.
  2. Johnson would work his way to the front during the second half of the race.
  3. He would get caught up in the big wreck and have a bad finish, and
  4. this would lead to Mark Martin getting back in the title hunt.
  5. Tony Stewart's Chase luck would change with him getting a top 5 finish which coupled with Johnson's problems would put him back in the title hunt, too.
Care to guess how correct I was ?? Well, Johnson did lay back and then work himself through the pack late in the race. However, he missed the big wreck, finished 6th, and Mark Martin was caught up in it and finished 28th. Tony Stewart finished 35th. Basically I was right on 2 out of 5. Not too good. Instead Jamie McMurray won the race and Jimmie Johnson extended his points lead to 184 over Martin. Johnson has essentially locked up his 4th straight title and everyone else is looking to next year.
I took the picture from my seat on the front stretch overlooking pit road. I hope you enjoy the view. Sure was a fun weekend. There's not much like having 43 cars come barreling down the front stretch at Talladega at over 190 MPH and the feeling the grandstand rumble like an earthquake. What a rush !!
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