Monday, August 10, 2009

Our fault ??

I want to pick back up today with Friday's entry, "Strike 3, Senator." I've been reading a book recently, "Glenn Beck's Common Sense", that contains a passage that I believe is relevant to that post and the situation we find ourselves in today as Americans. Many say Beck is a nut-job. I'll admit he can be a little wild at times. However, I think he has been blessed with a public forum in which he can say the things that many of us frustrated Americans are thinking right now and would like to say ourselves. Plus, at least his show is entertaining. On page 10 of the book, Beck says :

"..... we have no one to blame but ourselves. For too long we have ignored, enabled, or embraced the flawed character of those we've selected to protect and defend our Constitution. By lowering our standards for them, we've lowered the standards for ourselves. We wanted a life of ease, a life of little consequence and high reward. To get it, we repeatedly empowered thieves, liars, and con men, simply because they promised us ease. Now, because we've trained them that repeated injury has no consequence, they've grown bold and fearless. When we do speak up, they ease our pain with pork, a steady stream of entitlements, and financial candy, and back to to sleep we go."

When I first read that my reaction was, "We're to blame ?? Are you kidding me ??" However, as I thought about, it occurred to me that he was right. For to long, we have walked into the voting booth and looked for the candidate with the "R" or "D" by their name and pushed the corresponding button. We've had more loyalty to whatever party we affiliate with instead of loyalty to our country and our Constitution. It HAS to stop. Me included.

I want to encourage you to go out and buy the book. It costs only about $10 and can be picked up at book stores and discount retailers. I got my copy at Target. It is a good read that makes you think. In my opinion, it's a patriotic pep rally in a book. If it does not motivate you to get involved, there's something wrong with you.

P.S. Please be sure to check the blog all week. I'm trying to wade through the health care reform bill and compare what I find to all the stories we've been hearing. I want to see what's true and what's not and share it with you. I hope to do that by Friday. Stay tuned, hang on, and go get Glenn's book.
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