Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kyle Busch loses, and whines .... again.

If you missed the end of the Carfax 250 Nationwide Series race from Michigan yesterday, you missed a good one. Kyle Busch led at the white flag and then finished third. Busch then began his usual whining, crying, and blaming someone else beccause things didn't go his way. He came close to getting a whoopin' put on him by Brian Vickers. Hats off to Brad Keselowski for taking advantage of an opportunity to get a win. Maybe next year Busch should try to get a sponsorship agreement with Kleenex. That way he'll have plenty of tissue at his disposal to cry in. I can already hear the ad campaign - "Kleenex - if it's good enough for Cryin' Kyle, it's good enough for you." I do not believe Busch will become a Sprint Cup champion until he grows up. Check out the video.

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