Monday, May 7, 2018

An Ode to the Nashville Transit System


I'm kinda shocked. On May 1st, the people of Nashville crushed the proposed $9 Billion transit plan. The margin of vote was 65% against the project which would have taken a decade or so to build and would ultimately do nothing to cure the city's traffic ills.

The people rising up against the power brokers who were looking to line their pockets from the plan was a thing of beauty. The Sheepdog's first reaction was, in the words of Tyler Perry's Madea, "Hallelujer!!", because the plan would have exacerbated the traffic problems while under construction. 

Plus, considering how much debt the city's last 3 mayors have piled on the city's taxpayers, I think it's possible bankruptcy might have been looming in the city's future, if the project had been approved. Having a number of friends who work for the city, that would not have been good for them.

So, today, in my 1st post back, I offer "An Ode to the Nashville Transit Plan" via AC/DC's classic "Shot Down In Flames", which is embedded below or can be watched by clicking here.

Power to the people!! Hallelujer!!

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