Monday, August 12, 2013

Lita Times 2

The '80s were known for not only pop and "hair metal," but it was also a time when women rockers saw a great bit of success. Artists like Heart, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Vixen, and Lita Ford sold a ton of records and received a lot of airplay. Heart and Vixen have already received their share of the attention here on The Sheepdog's Music Mondays. Today, its Lita Ford's turn, and as promised last Monday, I'll run two of her music videos. Both are from her 1988 self-titled album, Lita.

Cover of
Cover of Lita
Known to some as "The Metal Maiden," Lita Ford got her start with The Runaways in the '70s. Joan Jett was one of her bandmates. When the band broke up in 1979, Lita embarked on her solo career. I remember hearing a few critics back in the '80s make comments along the line of, "She only made it because of her looks." While I would agree that Ford's looks likely opened some doors for her, I would argue that her looks alone did not sustain her career for nearly 40 years (counting her time with The Runaways). It took more than that. In fact, she just released her 8th studio album last year. Her voice and guitar skills are the reasons she's still going. If you're not familiar with Ford, once you watch today's 2 videos, you'll agree with me that she's got some talent.

Video #1 is her hit duet, "Close My Eyes Forever," with Ozzy Osbourne. It reached #8 on the charts. Ozzy's been featured here a couple of times before, but this will be Ford's debut. It is embedded below or can be watched by clicking here.

Video #2 is all Lita. It's of "Back to the Cave." You may find yourself tapping your foot by the end of this one. It's embedded below or can be watched by clicking here.

Hope everyone enjoyed today's "Lita Times 2." The gal can flat play a guitar.
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