Friday, January 18, 2013

Crimes Stats Video

With the gun control debate going on, we are hearing a lot of talk about "crime rates." The problem is that depending on which side of the issue is providing the stats, the answers may differ. I suspect that this debate will not end any time soon. I also suspect that even though Mr. Obama, Mr. Biden, and others have voiced what they intend to do, they will not have the last word on the issue or get everything they want. I just hope that cool heads will prevail.

Today is another Firearms Friday. Therefore, I think it's the perfect time to share the video embedded below (or click here to watch) that a friend forwarded to me the other day. I think it's worth a watch and worth sharing, because it provides some interesting information and perspective that even I had not heard before. I also encourage you to take the time to verify the information the video provides. Who knows what else you may discover and learn.

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