Monday, September 24, 2012

"Dr. Feelgood" Is "Loud" on Music Monday

As promised last week in my review of the Motley Crue / Kiss concert in Nashville, today is a Double Shot Music Monday. I'll play one music video of Motley Crue and one of Kiss. The songs will be of poplar classics each band is known for. Since Motley Crue played first on September 4th, I'll start with them.

The Crue classic I've chosen is "Dr. Feelgood." The song was recorded on the band's 1989 album of the same name. Even though it was recorded over 20 years ago, it still remains the band's highest charting single to date having reached #6.

The Dr. Feelgood album was recorded after the band completed drug rehab. At the time, the band's management was afraid that they might return home from their tour supporting the Girls, Girls, Girls album "... in body bags."

The song "Dr. Feelgood" is about one of Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx's drug dealers. However, it seems there is a more important underlying theme to the song. As you watch the video and listen to the lyrics, it first shows a drug dealer living a cozy, comfortable lifestyle for a while. Then, it appears that near the end of the song and video, the band is trying to tell listeners that drugs will destroy you, as evidenced by them trashing their instruments and the cops raiding the drug dealer's home. The Crue knows the dangers of drugs as their careers were nearly destroyed by them. The video is embedded below or can be watched by clicking here.

Video #2 today is of KISS. It's got everything KISS is known for - the makeup, the outfits, the platform shoes, pyrotechnics, and yes ..... even Gene Simmons' tongue. You KISS Army members will enjoy this one. It's "I Love It Loud" from their 1982 album Creatures of the Night. It's embedded below or can be watched by clicking here. I have one request, though - you have to crank it up. I mean, c'mon man - you can only play a song titled "I Love It Loud" one way and that's .... LOUD. Right ?

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