Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You need to be watching .......

...... Glenn Beck's show. Yeah, I know some say he's a nut-case, but he's the only "news guy" doing what the media is suppose to be doing. Plus, the ones calling him a nut are usually the ones he's calling out. When the country's founders wrote The Constitution and included "freedom of the press," their rational for doing so was so the press would hold the Federal Government accountable. Is the press as a whole fulfilling that role right now ?? The answer is no.

Consider this. Do you remember how the media and Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Joe Biden and others, cried "foul" over alleged corruption in the Bush Administration over Bush and Cheney's connection with Big Oil and Halliburton ?? They raised holy "you know what" again and again and again. Glenn Beck has been laying out the connections, cronyism, and corruption in Obama's administration for the last several months. Most recently, he has dealt with it concerning Cap and Trade and called the series "Crime Inc." If you have not been watching, you would be shocked at what you have missed. The things laid out on the Obama Administration makes Bush / Cheney look like Boy Scouts. The question is, as Beck often points out - where is CBS, NBC, ABC, etc. ?? Why aren't they reporting this information ?? Why did they cry "foul" with Bush / Cheney but give Obama a pass ?? Right is right and wrong is wrong. It doesn't matter whether the administration is Democrat, Republican, or Independent. Even more interesting is that the Democrats who wanted Bush and Cheney's head on a platter (i.e. Pelosi, Reid, Biden) are now right in the middle of the "foul play." Apparently now it's o.k. Hypocrites.

Glenn Beck's show airs at 5 PM EDT / 4 PM CDT Monday - Friday on The Fox News Channel. Start watching because you will not get the information he's sharing anywhere else. If you're not home at that time, DVR / VCR it everyday and watch it at your convenience. Just make sure to watch it. For more info and to catch up on Crime Inc. and other things you may have missed visit the following websites :
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Sherrie said...

You are correct. Glen dares to speak out and tell it like it is.