Friday, November 20, 2009

Palin-Beck in 2012 ??

ATTENTION Sarah Palin (upper right) and Glenn Beck (lower right) fans !! What would you say if I told you there was a possibility of a Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck presidential ticket in 2012 ?? Sound too far-fetched ?? Maybe not. According to an interview Sarah Palin did with NewsMax magazine (click here), the former Alaska governor and Vice-Presidential candidate has not ruled it out.

This is gonna be interesting to watch. Their critics are gonna have a predicament, though. What are they gonna call them ?? I wonder which of these they will go with :
  1. Hockey Mom and Wacko, or
  2. The Moose Lady and The Right-Wing Extremist, or
  3. Beauty and the Beast (I kinda like this one)
This ticket would keep Obama and Biden on their toes. In 2008, they only had one attack dog, Palin, to deal with. This time they would have two. Poor Biden will need a "beer summit" every evening. I think this ticket would really make 2012 interesting. Think about it - hockey and hunting with M and M's and sneakers. Could it get any better than that ??
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Dale said...

That would be great if they could win. I like the idea to float around just to keep them up nights.

da ole biker Dale -- enjoying a Recycled Life -- Thanks Taylor
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