Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beck getting political

I did a post the other day about rumors of a possible Sarah Palin / Glenn Beck presidential ticket in 2012. I'm wondering if there could be more to this than just rumors. According to Newsmax (click here to read entire article), over the weekend Glenn Beck announced plans for a "major political organizing effort" that will focus on things such as conventions, seminars, political rallies, and voter registration drives. When Sarah Palin resigned as Alaska's governor, we were told it was to campaign for and recruit good conservative candidates. I'm beginning to wonder if their plans may be working together toward the same end ?? Could that "end" be a presidential run in 2012 ??

Think about it - Beck's organizing and Palin's recruiting is going to keep them in the news and talked about on the blogs for the near future and the Liberals just love to beat up and demonize both of them. Beck and Palin's organizing and recruiting coupled with all the press and demonization by the Libs could play right into their hands. Why ?? All of it will give Palin and Beck more and more name recognition and any incumbent politician or future candidate knows that is a good thing. It's gonna be fun to watch.
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